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How to be yourself on LinkedIn & Twitter

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We know as professionals, we should be marketing ourselves, sharing our careers on LinkedIn & Twitter. But where do you start? How much should I share? What about that finicky imposter syndrome? What will my employers think?

We want to help you get comfortable. Why? Because your next job offer, client or mentor could be just one post away.

In this FREE 30 minute webinar + 30 min live Q&A, we’ll talk about:

  • How to share your career wins on your LinkedIn
  • Why vulnerability is the future of personal branding
  • How to attract your next boss & client through content
  • How to meet those important peers online

We (oh, right, hi, we’re Jack & Amanda) can tell ya it works from experience. We met on Twitter! We’ve found new jobs, clients & friends from the internet by taking a more vulnerable approach and focusing on just being who we are.

About the Hosts

Jack Appleby is an award-winning Social Media Director who's worked with Microsoft, Verizon, Beats By Dre and more.

Amanda Goetz is a 2x founder, 3x CMO, brand builder and content creator on personal and professional growth.

Hosted by

Amanda Goetz
Jack Appleby

October 19, 2023
1:00pm Eastern Time

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